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Adventures in Privacy: Google Buzz

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission requesting that the government agency investigate Google regarding privacy concerns with Google Buzz.   Google created and launched Google Buzz, a hybrid Twitter/Facebook type service, to complement … Continue reading

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Observation: The Great Digital (customer service) Divide

Late last year, my mother made a simple request to her local telephone monopoly which they said would be easy to fulfill.  On the appointed day when the service switch was made, it was clear the Local Telephone Monopoly did … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: The SBA on Economic Stimulus for Small Businesses

National Public Radio spoke with Karen Mills , administrator of the Small Business Administration, this morning on the pending economic stimulus programs for small businesses.  To listen to the interview CLICK HERE.

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Economic Stimulus for Small Business 2010

In the midst of the bank and automobile bailout of 2009, the federal government implemented  policies to help small businesses obtain credit and relief from the recession.  Primarily the government offered tax relief and easier access to Small Business Administration … Continue reading

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A Primer on Music Performance Licenses (Musical Compositions)

Among the exclusive rights granted to the owners of most copyrights is the right of public performance. As discussed in the Primer on Music Performance Licenses (Sound Recording), the public performance right for a sound recording is only available for … Continue reading

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A Primer on Music Performance Licenses (Sound Recording)

The United States of America holds a special place in the hearts of the children of France. Not only does America export fabulous music, we subsidize the music education in French schools through funds collected on the performance of the … Continue reading

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Fundamentals of Copyright and the Problem with Lost Owners: unintended consequences (Part Two)

As discussed in The Fundamentals of Copyright and the Problem with Lost Owners (Part One) the exclusive rights of copyright attach automatically to a work, whether a photograph or a poem, once it has been transposed into tangible form. However, … Continue reading

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