About Nancy

Nancy Prager serves as outside counsel to companies and not-for-profit organizations ranging from a major web hosting provider to a record label with a unique business model.  As outside counsel, Nancy advises clients on Strategic Legal Planning for day-to-day legal matters, as well as unique issues that they face.  She has a wide network of colleagues with whom she works if the issues are outside of her general areas of practice.

Nancy also represents individuals on Strategic Legal Planning for issues including estate planning, intellectual property and employment issues.  She has prepared trusts for individuals to use to hold the proceeds of retirement accounts, as well special needs trusts.  She has advised clients through the process of reclaiming copyrights, as well as exploiting them.

Significantly, Nancy has provided Strategic Legal Services to a wide range of technology developers and content creators.  She has a unique perspective on the convergence of intellectual property, technology and creative content.  Having begun her career as an attorney for technology start-ups her practice evolved to include music and other entertainment related clients.  For example, she has been involved in some cutting edge licensing structures, including for novel services and platforms.

Additionally, she has been on the forefront of Strategic Legal Services for online service providers.  She has developed and implemented terms of services, privacy policies and other online agreements for a wide range of internet based businesses including those in music, e-commerce and telephony.   She addresses online issues from an international perspective since the internet does not have any “boundaries.”

Nancy has a strong commitment to social justice.  She has founded, or co-founded, a number of organizations and programs that provide tangible services to their constituencies.  For example, while a student in law school she developed the Domestic Violence Advocacy Center that provides legal services to victims of domestic violence.  Additionally, she has been involved with a number of organizations that provide services to children and their families, including serving on the boards of the Harwood Center and Porter Leath Children’s Services.

To learn more, please contact Nancy.