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Copyright and the King, this time Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is a momentus day. It’s the second inauguration of Barak Obama, the first African-American President of the United States.  Today is also the day on which we honor the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., the greatest … Continue reading

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That Piece of Paper, Those Terms of Use: Do They Really Matter?

May I share a secret with you?   I don’t always read the Terms of Service on the websites I visit, or the Terms & Conditions for services I use either.   When I open the boxes for new software or gadgets … Continue reading

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Fundamentals of Copyright and the Problem with Lost Owners (Part One)

Many people find the comparison of real property to intellectual property disconcerting or inappropriate. The arguments I have heard include “one is tangible, the other is intangible” or ” a finite number of people can use one, while millions of … Continue reading

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The importance of taking a long view, even with Creative Commons licenses

Over the past year or so, I have noticed more and more people using Creative Commons branded licenses with their creative works.  Creative Commons licenses are form licenses (similar to those you can find through Nolo Press) with a twist.  … Continue reading

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